How to set up auto-grading on a custom Java program

I am new to using the Codio platform. We made the IDE change when Replit announce that they were no longer supporting Teams for Education.

I need some help in how to set up the auto grading for a custom assignment I am adding to the AP CS A course in Codio.

In the assignment I am wanted to set up grading for, students are expected to complete code for a classes constructor method and then two helper methods. I have provided start code for the method headers with comments on what students should do in each method (i.e. they need to construct an instance of the class in the constructor method). Each helper method is to return a specific type of data to the code calling the method. In the main method (in a runner file), students will need to call the method correctly to receive credit.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I am not finding much for Java help :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to Codio! There are many resources to get you started, we have quite a few webinars which can be accessed from here: On-Demand Webinars for Computing Educators | Codio. There’s also information on how to set up grading in our docs: Auto-graded assessments — documentation. Finally and specific to Java you can find a Starter Pack “Hello Codio in Java” that serves as a mini-tutorial. There also sample grading scripts in this forum.

We also have a webinar coming up on January 23rd - Harnessing Codio's Advanced Programming Aids | Codio Live Webinar

Just signed up for the 23rd. But, I notice the topics for the webinar (* Debugger: , * Code Visualizer: , * Code Playback: , * Pair Programming: , * Prerequisites – Copy Workspace: ) don’t include jUnit testing. If we adopt codio I’ll also need some assistance with my ‘first of’ type activities.
From the links you included, I see Advanced Code Test — documentation and JUnit Testing Framework — documentation look relevant if a bit boiler plate~ish.
Coding Rooms had a specific working example that I started from - after that I was able to make over 100 different autograded labs. For me this was more powerful than being sent some links to read.

Thank you for the quick response! I will look at the resources you have mentioned.

Additionally, I have downloaded all of the content so that I could look at the current autograding that is set up. I am hoping to use what I learn through this to cobble something together for the first lab that I will create in Codio. I just do not have any experience with JUnit, so I see a learning curve in my future…