Teaching High School Level APCS A (Java)

Hello, My name is John Schlamann and I teach CS in the Chicago area in Hinsdale District 86.

I have written many self grading exercises in Codio and am looking to connect with other high school teachers who want to create and trade content with me.

I have some Karel Robot exercises, as well as many Array and ArrayList problems coded in as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi John,
We are in final selection process for this platform for my CompSci and APCSA courses. I’d like to work with you and I have a lot of custom labs that I hope to add as needed once I get this all setup for my courses. I typically like to give “practice” coding labs so I can ensure the kiddos know how to code in an IDE, not just use a coding LMS with it’s inherent limitations vs an IDE. I don’t yet know how to add labs - but I’ll get into soon.
Thomas Gorse - Pearland, Texas
(BTW - I grew up in the Elgin area)

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I’ve created separate exercises, some with unit tests, for several of the AP CS A lessons aligned by their CED topics. I’ve just started learning about Codio, so I hope to get in touch with you and Thomas over the summer to share some resources.

  • Chris L (Sleepy Hollow, NY)