Codio Release Notes: Product Updates and Bug Fixes

Codio Release Notes & Upcoming Releases

Welcome to the Codio Release Notes & Upcoming releases page. Here you will find detailed lists of updates including both recently implemented fixes and future releases. Stay informed about the latest improvements and upcoming features to enhance your experience with Codio.

Coming Soon

  • Regrade requests
  • Uploading CSV with groups for pair programming assignments
  • Student tagging support with filtering
  • FIX. Copy rubrics in assessment
  • FIX. Duplicate guides during collaboration
  • FIX. Various fixes in Coach API
  • Jupyter updates: removal of formgrader, support for Coach
  • Improvements in Course navigation from an assignment for authors.

2024 Updates

New features released

Fixes Implemented

  • Fixed issue with assignment names not always aligning left.
  • Try it buttons that output to the terminal will now appear on the behavioral player.
  • Error explanation button will now appear if any unit tests fail.
  • Nested folders can now be specified in Show Folders.
  • Trailing slashes are now accepted in the Show Folders specification.
  • Coach icon can now be seen when Codio is embedded in an LMS.
  • Code playback is now available for students in read-only assignments.
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