Providing solutions for grading in encrypted files

An easy way to provide guidance to teachers or TAs is using guidance blocks or teacher only pages.

The following solution is another option for providing grader only material.

Step 1. Create a directory with all the files you want to share (in this example I am calling the directory “gradingfiles”)

Step 2. Create the tar and delete the originals

tar -cvf save.tar --remove-files gradingfiles

Step 3. Create an encrypted version and delete the original

gpg -c save.tar && rm save.tar

When you do this you will have to provide an encryption password.

Step 5. Copy the file into .guides if it isn’t already there.

Step 6. In .guides create a file “” (name can be whatever as long as it matches the button) and paste the following code in:

mv .guides/save.tar.gpg /home/codio/workspace/

echo $1 | gpg --quiet --batch --yes --passphrase-fd 0 /home/codio/workspace/save.tar.gpg

tar -xf /home/codio/workspace/save.tar -C /home/codio/workspace

Step 7. In the guide, in a guidance block or a teacher only page, add this button. Where it says “mypass” you will have to provide the password you used for encryption. The student will not be able to see this.

## My Title

{Grading files}(bash .guides/ mypass)


Step 8. Open the student project, create a writeable copy and then click the button. The directory will appear in the workspace but will not be in the student environment, you are in a writeable copy.

Thanks, we were planning on doing something with encryption if we had no better option.